About The Grady Firm, P.C.

cropped-logo-with-landscape-photo.jpgThe Grady Firm attorneys specialize in helping businesses grow and succeed through employment, business, and immigration law advising for clients in California. In addition, we help foreign entrepreneurs establish a US presence and obtain the appropriate visas for their owners and employees.


  1. BUSINESS ADVISING: Business formation, contract drafting, coaching/advising, succession planning, lease review, and contract negotiation.
  2. EMPLOYMENT LAW ADVISING: We teach employers how to become compliant with California employment law, draft Employee Handbooks, and provide sexual harassment training. We also help resolve disputes between employers and employees regarding wage and hour, discrimination, and harassment issues.
  3. IMMIGRATION: We help build business work forces and reunite families by preparing visa, Green Card, and citizenship applications based on family relations, employment, and investment.

The Grady Firm has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, and serves clients remotely from across the globe.

For the convenience of our clients, we provide appointments via telephone, Skype, and conference call. To schedule a consultation, please call 949-798-6298, or book an appointment online.


View More: http://elyanaphotography.pass.us/jenniferJennifer A. Grady, Esq. is an attorney, business consultant, and community organizer. Ms. Grady founded the law firm of The Grady Firm, P.C. in 2012 with a passion for helping business owners/entrepreneurs and their families achieve the American Dream of freedom, opportunity, self-sufficiency, and success.

As an international business attorney, she teaches entrepreneurs around the world how to open a business in the United States, and has lectured extensively throughout California, Canada, Chile, and Argentina on business and immigration law topics.

Ms. Grady earned her Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/International Relations from the University of California, San Diego. Prior to law school, she earned a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the #1 ranked Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and spent a year studying abroad at the Complutense University of Madrid. She is fluent in Spanish.

Ms. Grady founded the Women Entrepreneurs Club in 2013, and the Los Angeles Young Lawyers Association in 2010, as a way to provide a community of support for Southern California professionals and entrepreneurs. In addition to her experience as an attorney and business coach, she is a certified mediator and has completed numerous mediations in courts across Southern California.

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