The Grady Firm Participated in Vancouver Startup Week and Spoke to the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

Equity Crowdfunding Panel & Networking with FrontFundr

Equity Crowdfunding Panel & Networking with FrontFundr at The Profile Coworking venue

From September 21-24, 2015, The Grady Firm bridged connections between the US and its northern neighbors at Vancouver Startup Week.  Now in its second year, the week-long Startup Week brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together over five+ days to build momentum and opportunity around Vancouver’s unique entrepreneurial identity.  Established companies, investors, service providers, incubators, talent developers, and of course innovation companies themselves participated in panel discussions, awards ceremonies, showcases and parties in an attempt to foster the Startup community in Vancouver.

Jennifer Grady, the firm’s founder, met with innovative entrepreneurs at the following events throughout the week:

Ms. Grady and the founders of Hummingbird Drones at Vancouver Startup Alley

Ms. Grady and the founders of Hummingbird Drones at Vancouver Startup Alley

Ms. Grady met with innovative entrepreneurs throughout the week at at the Vancouver Week Startup Alley, where they showcased their ideas.  Panelists at several events expressed diverse viewpoints on the importance of operating from a tech hot spot such as Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, or Seattle, as opposed to building businesses in one’s existing community. Vancouver received considerable accolades for its supportive and dynamic technology community with access to a range of public and private financial support, but the panelists all agreed that the Silicon Valley has a strong pull due to its larger pool of capital and more mature technology investment culture.

The Panelists at the “Prepare to Launch” event agreed that wherever a Startup is based, entrepreneurs should explore funding sources on both sides of the border and to establish a presence “south of the border” in the Silicon Valley, which can be accomplished by opening the lines of communication with Valley-based investors and partners early and maintaining frequent contact, including regular face-to-face meetings. Of course, these relationships must be established over time, whether from Canada or the US.

Ms. Grady met with numerous entrepreneurs who have already begun, or plan to, expand their businesses to the largest consumer economy in the world–the United States– through the E-2 investor visa, the L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager Visa, or the TN Visa for Canadian and Mexican NAFTA Professional Workers.

The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

DSC06272To close out the week, Ms. Grady met with growth-mode, successful business owners at the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, where she advised on the ways that Canadians can expand their businesses to the US from a practical and legal perspective.

FWE is dedicated to providing visionary women with the education, empowerment, and energy they need to become wildly successful entrepreneurs.

The Programs and Events at FWE are designed to support and mentor women who are venturing into new business opportunities or ready to ramp up and grow their existing business. From Startup advice to specific tips and tricks, FWE leaders, advisors, and business professionals are ready to share their expertise.

Founded by Christina Anthony in 2002, FWE has been encouraging, educating, and mentoring women entrepreneurs for over a decade. With 140+ E-series program participants, 500 mentees partnered with mentors through the HSBC Mentor Program, and a growing list of programs and events offered throughout the year, the team at FWE, along with its members, continues to see success.

The Grady Firm’s next presentation will be closer to home as part of Los Angeles Innovation Week on October 20, 2015 #LAIW2015.

About The Grady Firm

The Grady Firm, P.C. represents local and foreign business owners in the areas of business, employment, and immigration law.  Its attorneys help local and foreign entrepreneurs open and grow their business through entity formation, contract drafting, employment law compliance, and coaching.  They also assist foreign entrepreneurs and their families live and work legally in the United States on the basis of family relationships, employment, and investment in a bona fide US enterprise.  The Grady Firm has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

To schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with The Grady Firm’s attorneys, call (323) 450-9010, or fill out a Contact Request Form. 


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The Grady Firm attorneys specialize in helping businesses grow and succeed through employment, business, immigration, and intellectual property law advising for clients in California. In addition, we help foreign entrepreneurs establish a US presence and obtain the appropriate visas for their owners and employees. WE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: BUSINESS ADVISING: Business formation, contract drafting, coaching/advising, succession planning, lease review, and contract negotiation. EMPLOYMENT LAW: We teach employers how to become compliant with California employment law, draft Employee Handbooks, and providing sexual harassment training. We also help resolve disputes between employers and employees regarding wage and hour, discrimination, and harassment issues. IMMIGRATION: We help build business work forces and reunite families by preparing visa, Green Card, and citizenship applications based on family relations, employment, and investment. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: trademarks, copyright The Grady Firm has offices in Beverly Hills and San Diego, California; and serves clients remotely from across the globe. Our attorneys are licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 states. Learn more about us at

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